Wealthy Russians are Still Prominent Buyers of Overseas Property

Wealthy Russians are Still Prominent Buyers of Overseas Property

 Do you have an overseas property for sale? You should know that Russians continue to remain big investors in the overseas property market. They aren’t going anywhere, regardless of the current woes of the Russian economy.

 So where do the Russians buy overseas property online? Here’s a look at the most popular overseas property hotspots that are favoured by wealthy Russian investors.

Spain – Spain is a hot favourite with Russian buyers. Russians remain heavily invested in some of the regions such as Costa Blanca, Canary Islands, Barcelona, Costa del Sol and Valencia.

Russians like the weather in Spain – over 320 days of sunshine, and an average temperature of 17°C.  They like the lifestyle in Spain, which is relaxed and laidback, with none of the stress or pressure seen back home in Russia. Spain is also well connected by flights to all major cities in Russia.

 Bulgaria – Bulgaria has only recently been discovered by the international community – it is the fastest growing tourism destination in Europe having received over 8 million tourists in 2016. But it has always been a favourite with Russians.

Russians are the most prominent buyers of properties in Bulgaria, having purchased close to half a million homes here since the early 2000s. They like that the Bulgarian culture is very similar to the Russian culture, the locals are friendly to Russians and Bulgaria makes them feel right at home.

In Bulgaria, areas around Burgas, Varna and the capital Sofia are very popular and are home to tens of thousands of Russians. Bulgaria has a mild climate and the lowest property taxes in Europe.

It also has one of the lowest costs of living in the continent and properties in Bulgaria don’t cost much. There are a plenty of cheap Russian flights that go to Bulgaria. The climate here is generally mild, but it can get quite cold during the winter.

 Greece – Greece may have been mired in a serious economic crisis, but it is still a popular destination for international property investors. You can sell your overseas property quickly in Greece even today, despite the serious situation in the economy by marketing it to the right people, such as wealthy Russian buyers.

Russian buyers can smell a bargain from miles away and as of now there are a number of great villas, homes and apartments that are available for a great price in Greece, especially in Crete, Mykonos, Rhodes, Macedonia and Thrace.

The locals are generally friendly to Russians and Russians feel welcome here. Greece has Europe's cleanest seas and longest coastline of over 15,000 km dotted with a number of great beaches. The climate here is decidedly Mediterranean with hot and dry summers and 300 days of bright sunshine.

 Turkey – Turkey remains a popular country with Russian buyers – despite the recent political and military conflagrations between the two countries. That issue has been resolved amicably and Russians are once again buying properties in Turkey.

Properties in and around Antalya, Alanya and Istanbul are popular with Russian buyers. They like the low property prices and fast appreciating real estate prices – property prices have been growing in double digits in Turkey for the last decade or so.


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