USA buyers for European Property

USA buyers for European Property


With the rise of the dollar against all currencies since 2014 we are now seeing cash rich investors fly across the pond to invest in European property. This is because the US dollar is very strong and the economy is good with the rest of the world playing catch up. So investors see this as the best time to invest in the European market with property prices in Europe at an all time low.


The European property market since 2007 has been on the decline where you can now buy property for more than half the price of what it was bought for. As the dollar is so strong prices of property in Europe are now as cheap as a US investor will get. And as the US economy continues to improve more and more overseas property investors are looking to Europe for the bargains to be had. 2015 is set to see a record number of investors.


Spain, Italy, Germany, France, Cyprus, Greece, Turkey and Bulgaria are the most appealing to the US investor as they have done their research and they know they can buy good property in all of these countries at decent prices and quite a few are taking advantage of the Golden Visa options as well. Spain is the most attractive because of the slower economic recovery and the cheapest bargains in stunning property can be found here.


Never before has there been so much interest to buy property in Europe from American property investors. Patterns show that they go for bargains at the high end of the market in stunning resorts near the sea. The Costa del Sol and Barcelona are just two examples because of the low property prices and the high tourist attractions makes investing in these areas very popular for good rental returns to help pay all maintenance fees.


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