Update on Angola Property Market 2015

Update on Angola Property Market 2015

 If you’re looking to sell overseas property in Angola, you will find the information given here very useful. Let’s begin with how Angola’s real estate sector is looking right now.

For over three decades since its independence, Angola was virtually sealed off to the outside world. There wasn’t much economic activity or trade in the country and it remained one of the poorest nations on the planet. But things have changed quite a lot over the last decade and a half since Angola was opened to foreign investment.

The Angolan economy has been doing well amid an extended period of peace, stability and general prosperity. The macroeconomic situation has been far better than it has ever been. A lot of money has gone into real estate in Angola and construction activities can be seen throughout the country.

Hundreds of millions have been invested in building the nation’s infrastructure and in developing agriculture – much of the money has been received as aid from the World Bank, UN and other international aid agencies. There is a lot of money changing hands in Angola and much of it has found its way into the real estate sector in the country.

The government has done its part to encourage real estate as well, starting an ambitious program to build over a million houses in the country.  There is a shortage of office space in Angola because of not enough construction activity over the early part of Angola’s post-independence history, and hence there is a lot of opportunity in Angola for new real estate developments. There are excellent business opportunities for ambitious developers.

There has been a lot of interest shown by foreign investors in Angola as well. Foreign investors have been generally slow to get into Angola, but now that they have, they are making up for the lost time, buying properties all over the country.

In fact, as the economic situation in Angola continues to improve and the productivity of Angolan businesses increases, investors are expected to become more conscious about the return on investment and the prices that are charged. There are still many bargain properties available in Angola, but real estate here is not as cheap as it was 5 years ago – when properties in Angola were dirt cheap.

In fact, the property market has become more competitive than ever before, and perhaps for the first time, Angolan properties are fetching a good value. This should excite you if you are looking to sell overseas property in Angola. You would also be better served if your property in Angola is located in the city of Luanda, which is a prosperous city because of all the oil wealth that has been flowing in the country.

In fact, a prime Luanda property is quite expensive because of the presence of hundreds of expats working in the oil industry. So oil companies here pay top dollar for the best houses, office spaces and other facilities. It would surprise you how much a Luanda property would fetch in the marketplace. A luxurious apartment or townhouse could easily fetch upwards of $400,000 in Luanda. So this is something you should probably take advantage of, if you have overseas properties to sell in Angola.

Lastly, it is important to hire the top UK estate agents to market your property to the right people, those who will pay big money for your property in Angola. 

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