The LGBT Community are Big Buyers of Properties in Canary Islands, Spain

The LGBT Community are Big Buyers of Properties in Canary Islands, Spain

 Are you looking to sell your property in the Canary Islands, Spain? You should know that the LGBT community is a big buyer of properties here. The Canary Islands have a reputation for having an open and diverse culture, which is inclusive towards all communities, regardless of their ethnicity, religion or sexual orientation.

Consider the Gay Pride festival held earlier this year in Maspalomas on the Gran Canaria, which is the biggest island in the Canaries. It was attended by a crowd of 35,000 LGBT singles and couples and also by supporters of the LGBT community. There were pool parties, drag shows and many exciting events, which was a lot of fun for everyone.

There’s always some sort of beach bash in the Canary Islands. They are among the most popular tourist spots in Spain and have the reputation of having the best climate in the world. The temperatures are always mild, in summer as well as in winter – it never gets too hot or too cold here.

But what makes these islands so special is their long history of tolerance. They locals have a “live and let live” attitude, which is really quite wonderful.

The gay community is not an insignificant one. The LGBT market is said to be worth $2 trillion, internationally. That is a lot of money. Large financial institutions such as Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan have special desks serving gay millionaires, where they buy financial and real estate assets around the world that match their tastes.

Properties for sale in Canary Islands, Spain are hence very attractive, and fetch an excellent price.

Back in the past exiles were banished to the Canary Islands by the dictator, General Franco. It was supposed to be some sort of a concentration camp. But after the fall of the authoritarian regime, the Canaries became a tourist hotspot much like Ibiza or Mykonos in Greece.

It became a hotbed of revolutionary ideas such as equality for one and all and was accepted in a big way by the LGBT community. While LGBT tourists now feel welcome in most parts of the world, in the Canary Islands, they feel completely at home.

 As real estate consultant Ian Johnson says, “They are still always aware of the possibility of discrimination at the airport check-in, at restaurants and in hotels. When they choose their holiday destination they don’t want to second guess.”

Real estate agents here in the Canary Islands say that a substantial number of their clients are from the gay community. Indeed, close to 25 percent of the foreign investors who buy property in Canary Islands, Spain are from the homosexual community, most of them belonging to the middle class or upper class in their respective countries.

As Giuseppe Ingegneri, a local estate agent, says, “They like the quality of life and freedom of the Canaries. They can walk hand in hand here — no one will bother them. They tend to have more money as they are less likely to have a family with children.”

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