Selling Properties in Spain - It’s All About the Lifestyle

Selling Properties in Spain - It’s All About the Lifestyle

 The secret to selling luxury villas in Spain is to sell the lifestyle. Indeed, marketing overseas properties is all about marketing the lifestyle. Spain has long been identified as the healthiest place to live in the world, for its brilliant climate and a wonderful lifestyle. For this reason, there has always been a clamour for Spanish properties from overseas home seekers.

Indeed, the World Health Organisation says that Spain enjoys the highest life expectancy of any country in Europe. The Spanish lifestyle is a very healthy one, with lots of sunshine and fresh air, a laid-back style of life, a low calorie Mediterranean cuisine and the most fabulous red wine. The lifestyle in Spain is a combination of all of these factors.

According to experts, climate makes a huge difference to people with certain ailments. So older people or those suffering from certain health conditions prefer to live in Spain because of the excellent air quality, optimum humidity levels and the bright sunny weather, which is very much beneficial to those suffering from allergies or asthma. In fact, the warmth of Spain makes life more tolerable to those suffering from arthritis and other ailments, which is why so many from the UK move to Spain.

Spain has a number of climate hotspots, such as Jávea in northern Costa Blanca, which offers a mild climate throughout the year. Jávea is situated between lovely hills and mountains and is well protected from any extreme weather conditions. The humidity here is really very low, compared to the rest of Europe.

Jávea is just an example of the many climate hotspots in Spain that foreign home buyers have taken a liking to. It’s no surprise that villas in Jávea are excellent investments, regardless of the state of the global economy. The breathtaking scenery, the golden beaches, the glorious weather - Jávea represents everything that is so great about living in Spain.

So, it’s no surprise that Spain’s stunning beaches, beautiful culture and great history hold such a fascination not just for foreign tourists, but also for international investors looking to buy properties in Europe.

2015 has been a terrific year for Spain - the number of tourists visiting the country is estimated to have hit a record 70 million already, which is mind boggling. The country has largely recovered from a prolonged economic recession, and tourism has had a major role to play in the comeback, contributing 11% to the national GDP and 12% to the employment.

What has also done well is the property market in Spain. The number of property transactions in 2015 has risen by 14% over the previous year in Spain. Foreign buyers account for almost 19% of all transactions, which is a healthy number indeed.

Among overseas buyers, Brits were the most prominent, accounting for almost 18% of all properties bought by foreigners, closely followed by Scandinavians, French, Germans, Russians and the Chinese. The Chinese interest in Spain is growing, but is still not as big as it is made out to be by some sections of the international media.

 The most popular areas for foreigners to buy properties in Spain are the busy and exciting holiday destinations such as the Balearic Islands and the Canary Islands - where there’s a party on, no matter when you visit, closely followed by tourist hotspots such as Valencia, Murcia, Andalusia and Catalonia.

Overseas buyers were responsible for 33.5 percent of all house purchases in the Balearic Islands, 27.5 percent in Canary Islands and 25.7 percent in Valencia. Clearly, as far as investing in overseas properties is concerned, the interest in Spain is back and bigger than ever before.

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