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We can help you sell your property in Turkey. We are an overseas property portal who specialise in selling properties in Turkey and elsewhere in the overseas property market. We have helped our UK and Irish clients sell several hundred properties in Turkey. We have an extensive network of estate agents in all parts of the world who work for you round the clock. We market your property through a number of online property portals, much like this one. We work hard to live up to the high expectations of our clients. 

Why Us?

You should choose us to sell your property in Turkey because of our extensive experience in the overseas property market, and also because our business is based on ensuring that buyers are found and the transactions are completed successfully. If we are not able to sell your property, we don’t make any money, as simple as that. So you can well understand why it is so important to us to help you sell your Turkish property quickly. We are so committed to our clients that we handle every aspect of the property sale – from producing the adverts to negotiating the price. We arrange buyer inspection and make sure that everything is in order. We have tie-ups with the best currency exchange firms in the UK and Ireland and make sure that you don’t lose anything in the currency conversion.

Our Agent Network

You can rely upon our massive agent network to deliver the goods for you.  Our agent network is not only active in Turkey, but also in almost all countries in Europe and in many countries in Asia. We have a particularly strong agent network in China, Russia and the Middle East, which allows us access to some of the most serious players in the overseas property market. We also have widespread connections in North America, Latin America, Africa and Australia. Our agents operate through a number of websites and have their own physical offices. Buyers have the option of getting in touch with our agents through their websites or visiting them at their office. Our agents are highly committed and do their best to ensure that you get a great value for your property in Turkey.

Our Marketing Team

Selling an overseas property is all about marketing, and we have some of the best marketing minds in this business. Our marketing team creates adverts that sell, capture attention and make buyers enthusiastic about your property in Turkey. We have developed an extremely sophisticated marketing system that has been built for success; it has helped us sell thousands of properties in several different countries, including in Turkey. We hire professional photographers and videographers to take attractive shots of your property and present it in the best light possible. We work together with you and make a genuine effort to understand your point of view. We use your inputs in the adverts developed by us and keep you up to date with every step of the process. Communication is the key to what we do, and we keep in touch with you constantly and ensure that there’s nothing lost in translation. 





We have everything you need to Sell Your Property Overseas. We have a Network of over 100 Portals across the world to bring us buyers. We also have Agents on the ground and throughout the World bringing us Buyers as well. So you have the Best of Both Worlds. Your Property will be Online with our Portal Network and Online with our Agent Network. You will not need anything else to Sell Your Property Overseas.



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