How to Sell Property in Belize

How to Sell Property in Belize

Do you have luxury villas to sell in Belize? What’s not to like about Belize? Coconut groves, sandy, unspoiled beaches, shallow lagoons – the small island has everything that the Caribbean has to offer.

 No wonder so many celebrities have homes here - Nicholas Cage, Leonardo DiCaprio, Charlize Theron, Lennox Lewis, Tiger Woods, Robert de Niro, Harrison Ford, Francis Ford Coppola and more – they all have luxury villas in Belize. What makes this Caribbean Island so unique?

For one, it is the centralized location of the place. Belize is located so close to the United States that it is considered by many Americans to be a part of their country. It’s incredibly easy for American tourists to visit Belize, even on short notice – it is just at a 2 hour flight from Miami. There are also a plenty of flights to Belize from Canada and Britain. It is everybody’s favourite getaway.

In fact, you will find tens of thousands of foreigners who own property here. Real estate in Belize is very cheap, so the combination of sun-kisses beaches, relaxed lifestyle and affordable rates makes a Belize property an unbelievable deal for those looking for a retirement home or a second home.

Belize is culturally close to the English speaking world. English is the main language here, and so Americans, Canadians and British nationals feel completely at home here. The Belize economy is very stable and the politicians in this tiny island are different from their counterparts in the rest of the world because they are actually sensible!

The law and order situation in Belize is exemplary; the crime rate here is really quite low. Several foreigners are leading a relaxed, happy and retired lifestyle here, after a lifetime of hard work in their home countries and they feel perfectly safe and welcome here.

Tourism is the main industry in Belize. In fact, the number of tourists has been increasing by 20% each year. Belize also has the largest number of cruise ship passengers coming ashore in the whole of the Caribbean.

Belize is a very eco-friendly island and has tremendous biodiversity. This makes Belize a favourite with investors from countries like China and the Middle East who are looking for a change and a move away from the traffic, crowds and pollution back home.

Belize offers a tax free environment which is really attractive for foreign investors. There is no capital gains tax on sale of a property in Belize and no inheritance tax either. You basically get to keep all your profits for yourself – this is certainly good news for you if you have luxury villas for sale in Belize.

The Belize government is very friendly to foreigners and protects their property rights ferociously. Belize is a member of the British Commonwealth and everyone here, including foreign nationals, can fully expect their rights to be protected, including the right to property. Foreigners have the same right to property as Belize nationals.

There are no restrictions whatsoever on foreign ownership of property in the island. No wonder Belize is so popular with investors from across the world. 

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