Sell or Buy Property In Bulgaria Now

Sell or Buy Property In Bulgaria Now

WWG expectations for this year have been justified, in the second half of the year, when we saw a significant activity on the property market in Sofia Bansko and Sunny Beach . The sales of properties in the capital grew by 17% compared to last year and now we can now say that the second half of 2014 will become the most successful period for the overall real estate market in Bulgaria since the beginning of the crisis.' This is how Chris Smith, Director of all bulgarian re sale properties at Worldwide , summarized the second half of the year for the real estate market across Bulgaria.

Chris smith of said this is due to the stabilization of the market and the completion of the downward price trend and, on the other hand, this is due to the return of the confidence in the property market. More and more buyers are thinking of buying property because property is a real asset.

Many people, who have been postponing the property purchase, have returned to the market and decided to buy a property. Others are driven by the desire to make a reasonable investment and generate rental income due to the high demand of rental apartments in Sofia. The return of the buyers was also driven by the decreasing prices in Bulgaria and the fact banks are now starting to lend again. As well as the new wave of Russian buyers desperate for their own piece of the Black sea coast. 

If you want to buy a property in Bulgaria now is the time. If you want to sell a property in Bulgaria now is the time with more buyers coming forward than ever before 

Contact us at and Now is the time to sell and now is the time to buy. 

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