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How to Sell Property in italy Online and Fast

If you want to Sell Property in Italy quickly online in 2017 then you have come to the right place.  We are the UK's best company for helping to sell property in Italy.  We have been selling property in Italy for years.

5 reasons to choose Worldwide Group to sell property in Italy

First reason to sell your property in Italy with Worldwide Group Marketing Property For Sale in Italy

Marketing Required to Sell Property in Italy We have a superb marketing system in which we are able to show your property to the world.  We have a number of websites such as and House Sales Italy and we have also created country specific websites to reach countries where there are a large amount of buyers such as Buy Property Russia (which targets the Russian buyers).  We also have a website that targets China and is called and one that targets India  Our marketing platform allows us to bring thousands of buyers for our properties in Italy.  These buyers want to buy all types of property in Bulgaria and in all areas.  So if you want to sell a house in Sofia, a villa in Sunny Beach, an apartment in Bansko, a plot of land in St Vlas or any other kind of real estate in Bulgaria then we can help you.

Second reason to sell your property in Bulgaria with Worldwide Group Network of Agents who help us Sell Property in Bulgaria

Network Required to Sell Property in BulgariaIn addition to our marketing approach we have a brilliant network of agents who multiply our efforts and take our efforts to a different level.  We have thousands of agents who are working for us and are trying to bring us buyers.  These agents are based in Bulgaria, Russia, France, Norway, Sweden and other countries throughout Europe and the World.  They will market your property on their own websites, in their own estate agent shops, on social media, at property shows and other places to try to find buyers for you.  So when you add your property to us you are really adding it to thousands of agents at once.    


Third reason to sell your property in Bulgaria with Worldwide Group Customer Service for Selling Property in Bulgaria

Customer Service required to sell property in Bulgaria We have a great customer service record and we will give you help every step of the way.  From initial conversation we can explain how we can sell your property in Bulgaria.  We will design a bespoke, professional advert for you so that we can promote your property in its best possible light.  We then market the property on our own websites and to our network of agents. Buyers will contact us with various questions on price, to arrange inspection trips and to make an offer.  Sometimes we are able to sell the property online without any inspection trips.  We then move on to the negotiation on price phase and we can guide you at this time.  Once the price is agreed then we come to the legal completion of the sale.  We have Bulgarian solicitors who we can provide and the best currency exchange brokers if required.  Once the money hits your account the sale is complete.  

Fourth reason to sell your property in Bulgaria with Worldwide Group Experience in Selling Property in Bulgaria

Experience in Selling Property in BulgariaWe have been helping to sell property in Bulgaria for many years.  We first began helping to sell off-plan properties in Bulgaria to UK buyers before the global recession.  When the recession hit and many people in the UK and Ireland wanted to sell we decided to try and help.  We were able to set up a network of agents and start finding buyers from Russia.  We have since established a large database of agents and are continually completing sales every day with UK, Irish and international sellers.  When making such an important decision you need a company that has many years of experience so that your sale completes quickly and smoothly.   

Fifth reason to sell your property in Bulgaria with Worldwide Group Results in Selling Property in Bulgaria

Results in Selling Property in Bulgaria When you choose to sell property in Bulgaria with Worldwide Group then you choose a UK company that can deliver.  We have helped more people sell property in Bulgaria than anyone else in the UK.  We are not another listing website that you will have to pay for the duration that your property is listed on their website. We want to sell your property as quick as possible.

So what are you waiting for? We have the marketing system, the network of agents, the great customer service, the experience in selling and above all we gain results. Contact us now and let us put your property in front of our buyer database.

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   I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and the team for a great service.You achieved a sale in a depressed market climate, something I thought would never happen! Fom advertisement to sale, the process has been easy and stress free. I would recommend the World Wide Group to anyone selling a foreign property. Your expertise and knowledge has been invaluable and I can't thank you enough!    

Karen White - Wigan UK

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