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Are you looking for top UK or Irish overseas property portal to help you sell your property in Greece? We are the top website for specialising in the sale of Greek properties. We sell properties in Greece through a vast network of websites and estate agents. We work hard for our clients and make sure that we match their expectations. We guarantee to work hard for results and promise to provide an excellent value for your money.

Our Advertising Team

We are proud to have the best advertising and marketing brains in the overseas property business. Our team is fully capable of creating compelling adverts that sell your property. We have the benefit of having a highly developed marketing system at our disposal, which we use to get the highest possible value for your property in Greece. We work with our clients and closely coordinate our marketing strategies with them. We use highly imaginative photographs and videos to capture their property in the best possible manner, in a way that is certain to capture attention of rich, high net worth buyers in Europe, Asia and elsewhere in the world. All photographs and videos used in our promotions are taken by highly rated professionals. We truly get the importance of the mobile and make sure that our adverts are compatible with all mobile devices.

Our Agent Network

We have an impressive agent network that is active not only in Greece, but also in several countries around the world. Our agents operate through a number of online property portals and also through their own physical offices. Buyers can get in touch with our agents through their websites or simply by walking into their offices. Our agent network is constantly in touch with cash-rich buyers from China, Russia, Middle East, Ukraine and other emerging economies. The big advantage of selling to wealthy buyers from emerging nations is that they normally offer all cash deals for your property and don’t take too long to take it off your hands.

Why Trust Us?

Here’s why you should hire us, more so than for any other reason – we make our money only when we sell your property. Our business depends on the number of properties we are able to sell, in Greece, and elsewhere in the overseas property market. It is in our interest to ensure that you are perfectly satisfied with the transaction and the price that you get for your property. That’s why you can trust us and rely upon us. We have a team of real estate experts who have been working in the overseas property business for a number of years now and know the ins and outs of selling properties in Greece. We handle every single detail associated with the sale, from the marketing to the negotiations and from arranging buyer inspection to handling the currency conversion after the sale. You can certainly trust us to do our very best for you.


We have everything you need to Sell Your Property Overseas. We have a Network of over 100 Portals across the world to bring us buyers. We also have Agents on the ground and throughout the World bringing us Buyers as well. So you have the Best of Both Worlds. Your Property will be Online with our Portal Network and Online with our Agent Network. You will not need anything else to Sell Your Property Overseas.



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