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Interested in Selling Your Property in france?


How to Sell Property in france Online and Fast

We will help you sell your property in France. We are among the highest rated overseas property portals in the UK and specialise in helping British and Irish nationals sell their property in France quickly and efficiently. We have several hundred properties in France and have a vast experience of the overseas property market in France and elsewhere in Europe. We have helped sell thousands of properties in the overseas market. We will endeaour to sell your property quickly, and help you fetch a great price for it. We strive to do our best for all clients, without exception and deliver excellent results.


Our Agent Network

We have an extensive network of agents not just in France, but also in several different countries around the world. Our agents operate through a plethora of websites and specialise at selling your overseas property fast, and at a great price. Our agents get buyers in two ways – through a network of websites and by getting in touch with them offline. Our agents have physical offices in several locations in Europe and Asia, so it is not difficult for them to find buyers quickly and efficiently.  Even oour agents have agents so the network just keeps expanding out and it is organised to allow as many buyers to come and see properties that they want to see.  



Advertising is the key to how we operate. We have a highly experienced advertising team that works closely with our clients and helps them project their properties attractively. Our adverts are highly targeted and meant to capture attention. We have built a very systematic and well thought out system over many years, that is guaranteed to succeed time and time again in any overseas property market, not just in France. We swear by our system and it has helped us sell many properties in France. We work together with our clients and take their valuable input while designing a marketing strategy for their property. We create customised adverts that show the properties off to their full light. Our adverts are perfectly compatible on all devices and we use all the latest technologies that are available in the market to promote your home in France more effectively. Yes, our efforts are organised to bring you success.


Expert Advice

We have a team of experts specialising the overseas property market looking into each and every aspect of the sale of your French property. You can bank on our experts to give you well thought out advice that you can trust without a moment’s hesitation. We handle everything related to the sale of the property from marketing to arranging a buyer's inspection of the property. We help you set the right price for it and make sure that you are able to get a great price for your property in France.



To Sell property in France quickly then you need a UK company that will deliver. We have buyers lined up for you. If you have a villa, an apartment, a piece of land, a house or any type of real estate then let us sell it.  If you contact us in the form above we can give you a free consultation on your property. Below we have created some information to help you understand how we are able to sell your property in France fast


5 reasons to choose Worldwide Group to sell property in France



First reason to sell your property in France


We market your properties in several ways throughout the world.  We market your property on all our websites and on our agents websites.  We also work with agents and attend international property shows to atract new buyers.  We also market on all forms of advertising to attract buyers such as facebook, twitter, google plus, google adwords, paper advertising, and much more.



Second reason to sell your property in France


We are able to gain so many buyers through our network.  As you can see below we have created and optimised many brilliant websites for you to sell your property on.  Our main website is and this is targeted to UK and Irish buyers.  The UK market in particular is still very active in buying property in France.  We have also created language specific websites for property only in France and so drives large numbers of visitors to us for France.  is an international Website that brings buyers to us from all over the world and so we do gain people looking to buy property in France from this site. The world is a small place now with international flights so easily booked and so people from all around the world are potential buyers. China in particular are now looking to France and other European holiday destinations to buy property.  As you can see below we have actually created a specific website into China to gain these sales in the form of .  Russia is another massive country where their residents are keen to escape the cold of the north and buy property in the south and so France is a very popular venue.  We have agent throughout Russia and have created  to help gain us buyers.  This website has been translated into Russian to gain more traffic.



Third reason to sell your property in France


We pride ourselves on our customer service.  We know how it important this is from the first phone call you make with us.  We treat you like a client should be treated and we will keep you updated every step of the way.  You will have a dedicated agent who you can speak to at any stage or email at any time for an update.  Our staff will be able to give you a professional update as to what is happening with your property.  If there is ever any way to improve the chances of selling the property then we will inform you and work with you to do this.  We will work with you to organise access to your property for inspection trips.  We will also deal with buyer negotiations and update you during the sale itself.  The final sales process is a stage that customers want to be kept informed of what is happening very often and we appreciate this and will communicate with you.  We will recommend a solicitor that we trust and use and recommend currency providers that we know will give you the best rate on the market.


Fourth reason to sell your property in France


We have great experience of working in the French property market and have been dealing with sellers and buyers for years.  We know how to deal with the process from start to finish,  we know how to deal with all types of factors that will occur and you need someone experience to be able to deal with that. Markets change and we have to learn from our experiences what this means for our sellers and give them the correct advice.  We have great experience in being able to offer a realistic price for your property.  We have experience is being able to negotiate on your behalf and get the best price for you and we have experience in being able to get a property sale done with our agents if it is close to being done.  There are hundreds of things that can go wrong during the process but we make sure that very few things actually do go wrong and that the process is professional and seamless.  This is down to experience.


Fifth reason to sell your property in France


This is perhaps the biggest reason that you need to know of.  You should market your property with Worldwide Group because we gain results.  We do this by helping to sell your property.  We are not another listing website that you pay for a period of advertising.  It is in their interests for your property not to sell as they will make more money from advertising fees.  We do not work like this.  We want to sell your property.  Contact us today for a free consultation on how your property will perform


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   I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and the team for a great service.You achieved a sale in a depressed market climate, something I thought would never happen! Fom advertisement to sale, the process has been easy and stress free. I would recommend the World Wide Group to anyone selling a foreign property. Your expertise and knowledge has been invaluable and I can't thank you enough!    

Karen White - Wigan UK

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