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If you want to sell property in Belgium quickly then you have come to the right place.  We can help sell your property in Belgium fast through our worldwide network of websites and agents that will bring buyers for your property.  


Bespoke Advert

Once you decide to add your property to our websites we will create a bespoke advert for you.  This means that your property will appear in a professionally designed advert that will showcase your property in its full light in order to attract interest from buyers when they see it.  


Website Exposure

We will add your advert on to a number of websites that we have in our network.  For example, we will add you to our main popular website which gains buyer enquiries from across the world every day but mainly from UK buyers.  We will also add you to country specific websites such as is a website that has been set up for Russian buyers who look south to countries like Belgium with a view to buy. We will also add your property to other country websites such as (China) and (India).  We also will add you to our Worldwide Group app which is the latest arm of our marketing strategy. All these websites bring us buyers direct for you and hopefully we can find a buyer soon for you.  


Agent Partnership

We have agents all across the world who partner with us to bring us buyers.  This means that the exposure for your advert is multiplied and multiplied and your advert is shown across the world. Our agents do this by accessing all our properties via their agent log in either through a website or through an app.  The app also sends new properties and special offers to the agents phones so they get notified instantly and it is straight in front of them.  This new technology has allowed us to gain much more sales lately.  The agents when they gain the adverts will then market your property at their own expense.  They will show it on their websites, show in their shop, show it at exhibitions, market it on search engines and social media and any other way they can bring buyers to us.  So suddenly our workforce is made up of thousands of workers.      






We have everything you need to Sell Your Property Overseas. We have a Network of over 100 Portals across the world to bring us buyers. We also have Agents on the ground and throughout the World bringing us Buyers as well. So you have the Best of Both Worlds. Your Property will be Online with our Portal Network and Online with our Agent Network. You will not need anything else to Sell Your Property Overseas.



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