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Sell Property in Armenia

If you have a property in Armenia and would like to sell it then contact us today.  We are overseas property specialists and one of the biggest property portals in the UK.  Armenia is a beautiful country with many buyers every day looking for property there.  We need to put your property in front of them.   



So how can we help sell property in Armenia?  We create a brilliant property advert and then we place it in front of as many buyers as possible.  We place this on our network of websites that we have built up over many years.  We have created websites specific to the UK and also large international websites.  We have also created websites to target particular countries abroad and have translated these websites into their language as well to gain as much exposure as well can.   



The next stage in gaining exposure for your property is working with agents.  We have agents in Armenia and most countries across the world.  We work with these to sell property.  They help us with information on the local market, with inspection trips and by bringing us buyers.  They advertise your property locally and also through their network of agents.  This network would then expand internationally as agents work with each to gain more sales.  So when you add your property with us it goes a long way around the world.


Bespoke Advert

It is one thing to find buyers but when we find them we have to make them interested so we create a custom made advert for you.  This has to stand out so we use all our marketing skills and writing skills to promote your property. We use our knowledge of the local area to point out the local benefits such as distance from the local airport or distance from the local bus station.  This results in a perfect property advert that can always evolve and improve if your property does not sell.        



Customer Care the whole way consultation with you on your property.  We will then agree a price on this and start creating your property advert.  We will be available for you to phone for an update on how well your property is performing.  We will also speak to you about any reasons your property is not performing well and how to improve it.  We will speak to you about any inspection trips and bids on your property.  We will negotiate on your behalf and if a price is agreed then we will recommend a solicitor and a currency exchange provider for you.  Until the money hits your bank we will be there in communication with you.



Armenia is a wonderful country and many people buy property each day in this country.  Let us look at your property and see if we can find buyers for it.  Get started by filling in the form above.  

We have everything you need to Sell Your Property Overseas. We have a Network of over 100 Portals across the world to bring us buyers. We also have Agents on the ground and throughout the World bringing us Buyers as well. So you have the Best of Both Worlds. Your Property will be Online with our Portal Network and Online with our Agent Network. You will not need anything else to Sell Your Property Overseas.



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