Russians Replace Expats in Spain

Russians Replace Expats in Spain

More and more Russians are buying right across Spain while most of the British French and Germans are returning home,

Why you may ask , allot seemed to be concerned with potential new taxes that may or may not materialize.

The number of foreign nationals in spain dropped to just under half a million in 2013

Nearly a quarter of the registered British left Spain, there is 24% fewer Germans and 13% less French nationals according the the local Notary

As there is a new obligation to declare their international assets and this is sending many packing.

Russians on the other hand are taking over Spain and are quite literally buying up everything so if you want to sell in spain

There has never been a better time to do so to a Russian buyer

The Spanish government has Enabled Non Europeans to obtain the much sought after golden visa if they were to invest half a million

Euro in a Spanish property or split the half a million over two or more properties, or 1 million in a business . This has led to Russians buying 65% more property in 2014 than 2013

Russians now make up the seventh largest group if immigrants in Spain and the plunging prices are attracting Russian Middle class

Who want to buy in Spain move there and set up for good.

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