Restoration of Varna Bulgaria

Restoration of Varna Bulgaria

The idea is to make walking ring in Varna. So every visitor of the city will be able to go from the port if it is arrived by cruise ship, for example, to pass along small Roman baths, then continue to square "Independence" and the Cathedral, to divert to the Archaeological Museum with the most oldest gold in the world then proceed to the Sea Garden. "These words of the current mayor of Varna Ivan Portnih from his interview in January 2013 sound like fiction for everyone living and visited Varna in that period. 
Then there is the sea capital square where the tiles are replaced every few years with more and more fragile, and the rest of the pedestrian "Knyaz Boris I" with more crushed marble flooring from the early 80s. Portnih is at the beginning of his political career and has just been elected as head of the Finance Committee in the Municipal Council. And immediately confronted with a few simple truths of Varna - the words "European funding" are not among the most popular team of its predecessor. Million dollar owed to the city in various operational programs are refused under the pretext that "in Varna no suitable sites for their utilization." 

With a lot of effort because of the delay and literally in the last days before the deadline in May 2013 and the municipality managed to defend a project for the reconstruction of the central part and sign a contract for European funding. 

The funds - nearly 10 million. Lev are for the reconstruction of the pedestrian part of the boulevard. "Knyaz Boris I" and square "Independence" with adjoining Garden City. Two years later, the city received additional 3.7 million. Lev for the transformation of Largo boulevard "Slivnitsa" street "Preslav", "San Stefano" and "Graf Ignatiev". So in practice will be completed full foot ring from the Festival to the port complex. 

In this framework began the great transformation of the city after years of patches and lack of large investment projects and blagoustroitelni. 

Two years later, after the inevitable large-scale projects such disputes and criticism, the pedestrian area of ​​the city is beautiful, green and cozy. On the square in front of the district court city fountain it is now on its way to becoming a favorite attraction with its new look. It can shoot water column to a height of 41 meters, and water jets perform complex figures over 2000 color combinations. 

Two "dry" fountain does have summer entertainment for children in the garden behind the Opera Square "Bulgaria". 

More trees and many flowers - literally everywhere, complete the new look of the city. 

Beyond greenery and water attractions, recreational areas and entertainment of large and small center of Varna is a completely new underground infrastructure - electricity and water. Fact waiting decades old locals to put an end to everyday accidents, leaving their homes without electricity and water. 

Parallel increasingly attractive to the tourist eye are the renovated Roman Baths - forgotten and left to decay on time for decades. Over 300,000 lev invest the local budget in the second largest Roman baths in Europe to strengthen, cleaning and basic amenities for tourists. Meanwhile, the municipality asked the state to provide for its management and small Roman Baths, Basilica of St. 'Han Krum ", the remains of the royal monastery of Karaach Tekke in the" Mladost "and the Varna Necropolis Neolithic in the Western Industrial Zone. So popular but neglected tourist sites among others - unique, but unknown and inaccessible, will finally be united in a common route, telling the exciting 25th century history of the ancient Odessos. 

Continues to battle the municipality to acquire ownership of the legendary Hole Varna, where ever in sotsa had to be built local CUM. Here amidst the ruins of the old city wall Mayor Ivan Portnih planned open-air museum and amphitheater. "This plague of decades gapes in the heart of the city. I know that solving the problem of ownership of the land is a complicated process, but it was so difficult to start the socialization of Naval Station and the first step has already been made and people today are walking there. If you need to sell property in Varna Bulgaria contact us today.


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