Read This Before You Sell Overseas Property in Turkey

Read This Before You Sell Overseas Property in Turkey

 Are You Looking to Sell Property Abroad in Turkey?

Turkey is one of the fastest growing economies in the world. Everything about Turkey is on the move and on the up. The country witnessed a GDP growth of 3.3% in 2014 and this is expected to be even higher in 2015 and 2016. The tourist inflow to Turkey increases each year, the foreign direct investment into the country is on a high and so is the interest in Turkish real estate.

2014 saw over 16,000 properties in Turkey sold to foreign investors. The cities of Antalya, and the resort of Kalkan, Side, Belek and Alanya saw the most interest from foreign buyers. In fact, the foreign interest in Turkey has continued this year as well and shows no signs of slowing down.

Julian Walker, who is involved in the real estate industry in Turkey, says, “By the end of September this year [2014] though, the number of foreign purchases in Turkey had already exceeded the total for the whole of 2013. This shows how important the foreign market is becoming to Turkey and will continue to be in 2015.”

Turkey is also the world’s sixth most popular tourist destination. Cities such as Antalya attract a high number of tourists, besides being the top destination for foreign property investors interested in Turkey.

Mr. Walker says, “This year has seen ongoing improvement in air access to Turkey, which attracts more tourists as well as gives confidence to investors and the international business community. Significantly, new routes launched recently include to the Americas and Asia, with increased frequency to the Middle East.”

So, what does this mean to you if you’re looking to sell property in Turkey? Clearly, it’s good news – you are sure to get a price for your Turkish property, as long as you are able to attract the right kind of buyers. By this, we mean you should market your Turkish property to rich, high net worth individuals from Russia, China, Middle East and, possibly, Brazil, who are looking for a great second home or vacation home in Turkey.

They are highly sophisticated property investors, who don’t mind paying good money for a great property right now, as they have great confidence in the Turkish property market and are keenly aware of its great potential. In particular, the rich overseas investors are very much interested in properties located in the largest Turkish cities – Antalya and Istanbul. They may not yet be aware of the potential of the real estate market in other small but prosperous Turkish cities such as Trabzon, Yalova, Konya and Bursa.

There are people from the UK and Western Europe too, who are keen to buy property in Turkey. For them, to buy overseas property in Turkey represents a lifestyle choice. They are more likely to be holiday home buyers and interested in seafront villas or luxurious apartments in Bodrum and Kalkan.

So, there are excellent opportunities out there for you to earn an excellent profit if you’re looking to sell property in Turkey, but it is important to be smart about it. The smartest thing you can do is to get in touch with the UK’s #1 international property agents, the WorldWide Group.

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