Property in France - Top Trends in 2015

Property in France - Top Trends in 2015

 As they say, what happens in France, stays in France. France has a very stable real estate market. If you’re looking to sell a property in France, don’t expect to get a huge premium over what you bought it for. There is no real growth in the prices of properties in France, but importantly, no decline either. The French housing market is constantly growing and evolving, it just takes a lot more time than other countries in Europe.

And that’s the reason people buy properties in France – they are fundamentally great investments that appreciate over a period of time. Since France has one of the most stable economies in the world, the likelihood of your properties in France declining in price is minimal.

Yes, while it is true that the 2008 global economic crisis hit France as well, the housing market in the country was more or less unaffected. In region bordering Switzerland, housing prices continue to appreciate. True, some regions in France, especially those close to the Atlantic Ocean have been slightly depressed, but the country as a whole is very much stable and always a great investment for a sophisticated international property buyer.

Foreign investors from fast rising emerging countries such as China, Russia, Brazil, etc. who are newly rich and looking to diversify their assets are very much interested in French properties for sale. France holds a strong attraction because it is one of the most advanced nations in the world, has one of the biggest tourism industries and is a distinctly clean and attractive country. The French education system is also top class, which investors find attractive, especially if they have young children or grandchildren. The French health care system is quite possibly one of the best in the world, and the medical facilities are highly advanced.

One of the principal anxieties foreign investors have had about entering the French real estate market was because they were not quite sure what President Francois Hollande, a known socialist, was up to. As we enter the third year of Hollande’s Presidency, it is quite clear that he is hardly as much of a radical as he is made out to be by some. The sanctity of property rights in France remains as strong as anywhere in the world.

For foreign investors, the most popular regions to buy a property in France are Paris and the French Riviera. Apartments that are close to the sea, have a nice view, terrace, and a private parking lot sell for a very good price. Riviera in particular gets a lot of middle-income investors from countries such as Britain and Germany as well, looking to buy properties in the range of €500,000 to €750,000. Nice is also quite popular, especially with Russian nationals.

If you’re looking to sell a property in France real fast, you’re in luck because the economic conditions in the country were never more fortuitous. If you’re to get a great price for your property it is absolutely essential to get in touch with rich, high net worth, highly sophisticated property buyers from countries such as China, Russia, Ukraine, Brazil and so on, who are interested in France properties for sale.

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