President Trump and the Real Estate Market in America

President Trump and the Real Estate Market in America

 What do President Donald Trump’s policies mean for you if you’re looking to sell your property in the USA quickly in 2017? Let’s consider one of the President’s most hotly debated Executive Orders.

Trump took the decision recently to limit immigration to the US from seven Muslim countries. This sent shockwaves around the world, causing a lot of confusion and even mayhem in airports around the country. Many individuals with valid visas were turned away upon arrival at an airport in the US.

The executive order on immigration was put on the back burner by a Federal judge, but by now everyone knows that immigration to the United States isn’t going to be easy, at least for people of certain nationalities, religions and ethnicities.

Now, this does not mean that the borders to the United States have been closed. Immigration from most of the other countries continues as normally as it always has. Indeed, there is a big flow of overseas investors in the USA, who are pushing up the value of the real estate here.

For example, high net worth wealthy Russian investors have been buying a lot of properties for sale in the USA. Russians have been particularly interested in vacation homes and investment properties in New York and Miami, Florida and generally invest between $500,000 and $5 million on buying a property in the USA. 

 Marina Kuzmina of Knight Frank Russia said, "Many of our customers are going go to the Art Basel Miami Beach exhibition and will see real estate there. A few customers are interested in the opportunity to buy property in development projects of Donald Trump, and we have received requests from U.S. developers wishing to cooperate with Russia."

The press coverage is very much negative against Donald Trump and they tend to exaggerate the impact of some of his policies, such as the Executive Order on immigration. It is unlikely that the ban on immigration from selected countries into the USA will have any significant impact whatsoever on the real estate market in the country. This could be a dodgy policy from the human rights perspective, but certainly not bad for business.

President Trump is not a protectionist as the critics would lead you to believe. He is not likely to limit overseas investment into US real estate in any form or manner. After all, this is a man who made billions from selling prime properties to ultra-rich foreigners. He has a unique and valuable perspective on real estate, and his policies are very much likely to benefit the property market in the country.

 The question remains where Trump will see out his term. We don’t know that just as yet. The opposition to President Trump remains strong, but he seems to enjoy widespread support as well.

There are certainly concerns about any potential conflict arising out of his business interests, but for now, Trump’s position remains strong – as does the property market in the US. Indeed, this is not a bad time to buy real estate in USA online. 

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