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A Quick Guide to the Property Market in Esentepe

 Do You Have a Property for Sale in Esentepe, Cyprus? There is a lot of demand for properties in Cyprus, even in small towns such as Esentepe. Not many people knew about this town until a few years ago, but now it has got a lot of attention, especially from British and Scandinavian expats. Where is Esentepe? Esentepe is a small town in Northern Cyprus, also called as the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC). This town lies to the North East of Cyprus. The Turkish half of Cyprus is not as well developed as the rest of the island,...

A Quick Guide to the Property Market in Peyia

 Do You Have a Property for Sale in Peyia, Cyprus? Peyia is a posh suburb of the Paphos District in Cyprus. There is a lot of demand for properties here, mainly from British and Scandinavian expats. Let’s quickly analyse the property market in Peyia and tell you what to expect if you have a property for sale there. Where is Peyia? How many people live there? Peyia is a community of about 10,000 people, about 15 km from the centre of the town of Paphos. It is a thriving community with mainly wealthy residents, most of them being middle...

A Quick Guide to the Property Market in Kapparis

 Do You have a Property For Sale In Kapparis, Cyprus? There is a lot of interest in properties in Cyprus, especially in small, beautiful villages like Kapparis. If you have a house or villa there, read this article to find out what to expect. There is much to like about Kapparis, a thriving resort on the East coast of Cyprus. Once only a small village, Kapparis has been transformed into a popular hub of tourism, and indeed, an overseas property hotspot. Where is Kapparis? Kapparis is a rural community in Cyprus near Paralimni...

A Quick Guide to the Property Market in Oroklini

 Do You Have a Property for Sale in Oroklini, Cyprus? Do you have a house for sale in Cyprus? There is a lot of demand for properties in Cyprus these days. So, even small villages such as Oroklini are getting a great deal of attention. Let’s find out more about this village and analyse your prospects of selling your property there as soon as possible. Where is Oroklini? Oroklini is a beautiful village in the Larnaca District of Cyprus. It is about 8 km from Larnaca. The village is situated at the bottom of a horse shoe shaped hill....

A Quick Guide to the Property Market in Lapta

 Do You Have a Property for Sale in Lapta, Cyprus? Lapta is a small town in northern Cyprus, which is a part of Turkey. Is there any demand for properties in Lapta? Indeed, is there any demand for properties in the Turkish-half of Cyprus? Let’s find out. Where is Lapta? Lapta or Lapithos as it is also called is located about 10 km to the west of Kyrenia. This is a small town which was once a tiny village. It has now grown into a fairly popular tourist hub. What’s good about it? The best part about this small town is the perfect...

Range of Buyers in Interested in Properties in Nicosia

 Do You Have Property For Sale In Nicosia? There is a huge demand for properties in Nicosia, especially from foreign investors from Scandinavia and the UK. Nicosia is, of course, the capital of Cyprus. It is the hub of all business activity in the region. There are plenty of employment opportunities to be found here. Apartment prices in Nicosia have gone up by 5 to 10% over the last year. The property market here has certainly benefited from the uptick in Cyprus’s economy. The number of property transactions in Nicosia has gone up...

A Quick Guide to the Property Market in Larnaca

 Do You Have a Property For Sale In Larnaca? If you’re looking to sell your house in Larnaca, you should know that the property market there is fast picking up. In fact, apartment prices in Cyprus’s third biggest city increased by 5 to 10% this year. Larnaca has a lot going for it. It is home to Cyprus’s biggest airport and is well connected by flight to the UK and other cities in Europe. Indeed, most foreign tourists who make their way to Cyprus first arrive at the Larnaca International Airport and from there visit other...

A Quick Guide to the Property Market in Kyrenia

 Do You Have a Property For Sale In Kyrenia? There is a huge demand for properties in Cyprus as of this year. Many foreign investors, especially those from Russia, China and non-EU member states have been attracted by the Golden Visa scheme, which promises residency permits to those who buy properties worth 300,000 EUR in that state. Kyrenia is a beautiful town which has been attracting a lot of interest lately. It is already a popular tourist destination. Tens of thousands of foreign tourists visit this town every holiday season. Many,...

Opportunities Galore for Investors in the Cyprus Property Market

 After a long time, investors are feeling pretty confident about the property market in Cyprus. There is plenty of money to be made whether you’re planning to buy or sell property in Cyprus. Cyprus has finally come out of the economic recession precipitated by the 2008 housing crash. It was forced to enter into a bail-out program because of the government’s failure to meet its obligations to creditors. Finally, the national economy is on track, says Nigel Howarth, a journalist based out of Cyprus. Mr. Howarth says in an interview...

A Quick Guide to the Property Market in Famagusta

 The property market in Cyprus has been looking good after a long, long while and this is certainly a very time to get involved, as a seller or as a buyer. There is plenty of money to be made in Cyprus properties. Of particular interest is the historic city of Famagusta that lies on the eastern coast of Cyprus. Famagusta is well known for its harbour, considered to be the deepest harbour in Cyprus. It is also well known for its historic monuments, which go back to the days when the Romans had an outpost here. You will find ancient Roman...

Major Increase in Demand for Properties in Limassol in 2018

 Limassol is where all the action is happening in Cyprus. Called as the Manhattan of the Mediterranean, Limassol has been in the news as foreign investors continue to flock to the city. Indeed, the demand for properties in Limassol has been so big that property prices have already gone up by 14 percent in 2018 so far. There has been a flurry of property development in Limassol, as real estate developers rush to keep up with the huge demand for real estate there. Michalis Hadjipanayiotou, the chief executive of Cybarco, a construction company...

A Quick Guide to the Property Market in Paphos

There is a lot of demand for properties in Paphos, which has emerged as one of the most popular overseas property destinations in Cyprus. Paphos has a lot going for it: great beaches, perfect Mediterranean climate, business opportunities and more. It is a popular tourist destination and already has a significant Scandinavian and British expat community. Property prices in Paphos have been on the rise for the last few years and there are many reasons for that. Let’s begin with the fact that Paphos is blessed with great natural beauty –...

Venezuela’s Economic Collapse and How It Fuels the Property Boom in Spain

 Are you looking to sell your property in Spain fast? Well, chances are that you’re going to find a wealthy Venezuelan buyer for it, as Venezuelans are as of today the heavily involved in the Spanish real estate market. Indeed, Venezuelans are always on the lookout for properties for sale in Spain. Any real estate agent you talk to in Spain will tell you about the massive interest from Venezuelans who have managed to flee their country with at least some of their wealth intact. Venezuela itself is in complete economic collapse. At...

Ciudad Quesada Property Buying Guide

 Are you looking for a property for sale in Ciudad Quesada, Costa Blanca? Ciudad Quesada is a modern Spanish town that was created as recently as in 1972. It was classified as a full-fledged town in 1999. There is a huge demand for properties in Ciudad Quesada. Indeed, this is as good a time as any to get involved in the Spanish property market, especially in Costa Blanca. Indeed, you will find a plenty of great opportunities whether you want to buy or sell property in Costa Blanca Spain, especially in Ciudad Quesada. Where is Ciudad Quesada...

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