International Property Shows

International Property Shows

So why should you market your overseas property for sale at international property shows? There are several reasons for this.

At an international property show, you will be able to have one on one meeting with prospective buyers, without any loud advertising distractions.  Care is taken to ensure that your publicity material is delivered to the right people.

The environment in property shows is friendly and congenial, which is just perfect if you are looking to make a presentation to important clients or prospective buyers of your property. There is always a chance that something tangible will come out of the opportunities that are made available to you at international property shows.

All the best residential and commercial properties for sale are exhibited at these shows. When you spend time at an international property show, you will be able to network with the top real estate professionals, high net worth foreign investors and important government officials.

You will be able to latch on to a vast agent network that exists across several dozen countries, which ensure that your property gets much needed attention from interested buyers from those countries. You will find top-tier investors at property shows because this is where all the best and latest overseas investment opportunities are to be found.

You will be able to interact in discussions on the latest developments in the real estate industry and learn from the best. The most up-to-date information on overseas property, such as trends, prices, laws and regulations will be made available to you.

You will benefit from expert insights into the real estate situation in the country where your overseas property is located and get valuable tips on how to maximize the worth of your overseas property, how to market it and how to get the best price for it.


You will benefit from access to a direct sales platform, from where you will be able to sell your overseas property to large audiences of 10,000 or more foreign investors, real estate professionals and interested home buyers.

You will be able to meet end users, interact with possible buyers in a friendly and casual environment, especially with those who have the means to buy the finest properties in the world.

You can network with corporate investors, especially with delegations from emerging countries such as China, Russia, Saudi Arabia, India, Pakistan and South Africa.

You will be exposed to the global media and benefit from the international exposure that these property shows can offer its participants and audience. These property shows are also a great way to build leads and build interest in your properties from potential buyers.

Among the most popular property shows is the International Property Show, held in Dubai every year. This show gets the top exhibitors from countries such as Germany, France, UK and Spain and the richest investors from emerging nations such as India, China, Malaysia, Bahrain and Turkey.

The Moscow International Property Show is also very popular and it is a great way to attract rich Russian investors to take a look at your overseas property. The Moscow International Property Show gets over 7000 visitors and has over 200 participants. In fact, it is being held on 13th and 14 November, 2015.

The International Real Estate and Investment Show 2015 (IREIS 2015), held in Abu Dhabi, is also a great way to meet the best property investors.  Here, the leading property exhibits from around the globe are brought under one roof.  

Also important is the MIPIM to be held in Cannes, France from 15 to 18 March, 2016. Here, you get to meet and network with the most influential players in international property.

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