Insider Tips to Sell Your Overseas Property Online

Insider Tips to Sell Your Overseas Property Online

How to sell my overseas apartment quickly? How do I sell it online? Yes, we get asked that question a lot, the fact is there is no easy way to sell your overseas property online. It takes a lot of effort, knowledge of the markets, a great deal of networking, and a bit of luck too.

We realize there’s not much information on the Web on selling an overseas property. That’s why we have got together some of the best insider tips to help you sell your overseas villa fast. Read on for more.

 Tip #1: It’s all about the lifestyle – As most estate agents specialising in overseas property, we learn very quickly in our profession that a house, villa or apartment is nothing more than a commodity. It is the lifestyle that buyers are interested in.

For example, if you have a luxury villa with a private pool in a country or city that isn’t all that popular for its lifestyle, and is not known to be a tourist destination, then it’s unlike that it would fetch you a lot in the overseas property market.

However, even if you have a simple two bedroom apartment or villa in Costa del Sol in Spain, the Algarve in Portugal or Cote d’Azur in France, that is certain to get you at least $500,000, if not more. Where the property is located makes all the difference.

 International property hunters aren’t interested in the built-up area of a villa for sale, they want to know about the lifestyle the location has to offer. So sell the lifestyle of the place, promote it aggressively, and create a strong desire among buyers to be a part of that.

So if you’re selling a villa in the Algarve, Portugal, you should talk up the vast coastline, sun-kissed beaches, laid back lifestyle, the first rate infrastructure, first world conditions and so on.

 Tip #2: Hire Estate Agents Specialising in Overseas Property – Hire UK or Irish estate agents who specialise in overseas property sales. You can take advantage of their strong agent network which exists across Europe and Asia. Also, agents specialising in overseas property are more likely to have connections with buyers from emerging nations such as Russia, China, Hong Kong, Brazil and Singapore than local agents.

You will have far better chances of selling your property in quick time with them, than with local agents. They handle all of the marketing working related to your property and promote it expertly on property portals, online forums, social media and international property shows that are frequented by international property hunters.

Tip #3: Ask Your Agent About Their Communication Policy

 When hiring an estate agent you should ask about their communication policy. Would you have any trouble getting in touch with them? Are they accessible to you on all days of the week? Do they keep you updated about the latest trends in the overseas property market?

 Will they keep you informed about the latest offer made by a buyer? What’s their response time – how long does it usually take them to respond to your emails? You will be spending a lot of time talking to your agent when selling your overseas home, so it is important to know what you can expect from them before you hire them.

Tip #4: Set an Appropriate Price

Be smart while setting a price for the overseas property. Don’t set a price that doesn’t make sense, which is way more than what comparable properties in the area are selling for. Be realistic about it and consult with your agent before setting the selling price.

 Tip #5: Make the Property Look Presentable

Carry out extensive renovation of your villa or apartment. Hire plumbers, electricians, building contractors, painters and gardeners. The property should look good when buyers arrive to inspect it. This can make all the difference indeed.

That’s it, that’s the way to sell your property abroad. Finally, make sure to get your paperwork in perfect order and sell your furniture and home appliances together with your overseas home. That would fetch you a much higher price for it. 

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