How to Sell Property in USA to Millennials?

How to Sell Property in USA to Millennials?

 If you are looking to sell property in the USA quickly, you will need to know how to sell to the Millennials, or those aged 25 to 34, who account for 32% of real estate buyers in the country, according the National Association of Realtors. For this, you will need to have a good understanding of what Millennials want, because their lifestyles and values are very different from that of older people, Baby Boomers as well as Generation Xers.

Most Millennials have specific criteria in mind when looking to buy houses. If you are looking to sell property USA online to Millennials, you need to know what excites them and how to get them interested in your home.

This is important because you can get a higher price for your house and sell it faster by targeting Millennials. That’s why so many developers in the US are making homes just for this segment of the population. Why are Millennials so different from the rest of the adult population?

For one, older adults bought homes to start a family, bring up children and had a long term perspective in mind when they first got started.  They took loans and worked hard to pay back the mortgage on the home. They fixed the house themselves and took great care of their property.

The Millennials are an impatient generation who really do not have the time for all of these. They expect to be handed over finished products and hate taking loans, because most of them already have huge student loans to pay off.

Also, Millennials have huge expectations from a home – they have seen all the pictures in glossy magazines and want something similar. They want the homes for sale to fit their criteria and are willing to pay good money for it. You cannot attract Millennials by offering them any discount, but by giving them a fully finished home that has got everything they need.

Here are some of the things Millennials expect from a house for sale...


Kitchens are very important to Millennials as they have grown up watching the MasterChef shows on TV. For them, a kitchen is the best place to spend quality family time as preparing food is a family responsibility. So to attract Millennials, it is important to have spacious and fully functional modern kitchens. That will make your house so much more attractive to them.


Wi-Fi is non-negotiable. Millennials expect a home to have an easy WiFi connection so that they can be connected on their tablets, laptops and smartphones no matter where they are in the house. So you may want to install Wi-Fi boosters in the house for this reason.

Eco Friendly

Most Millennials are very environmentally conscious. They expect the home to be energy efficient. Millennials are big on recycling and they expect a home to have a plenty of recycling options, such as garbage disposal system. Install programmable thermostats and LED lighting in the house as that is sure to win their approval. Use wood flooring instead of carpets and make sure that the heating and cooling systems are energy efficient.

Size and Location

Finally, there is something you cannot do much about – it is the home size and location. Millennials are actually turned-off by large houses; which makes them so different from the rest of the adult population. They would rather live in well designed, smaller houses that make efficient use of space. And they want the house to be located as close to the city centre as possible, as that would give them an easy access to all the hot and happening places in the city.

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