How to Sell Property in Benin

How to Sell Property in Benin

If you have got Benin property to sell, well, we believe it is as yet difficult to get a great price for your property. That’s because Benin is easily one of the poorest countries in the world, which is yet to recover after decades of political and economic instability. We don’t want to discourage you, and it is certainly possible to get a decent enough price for your property for sale in Benin. But is it important to be aware of the realities of this West African nation.

Most people in Benin rely on subsistence farming for their livelihood. So there is a lot of agricultural land for sale here. Industry has never been able to take root in the country despite the best efforts of its governments and international agencies such as the World Bank and IMF.

While Benin does have a GDP growth of 5%, which is respectable, this is offset by its strong population growth. The economy in Benin is simply not keeping up with the growth in its population.

Benin is situated between Nigeria and Togo. While the country has been largely poor for all its history, it is also the first African country to make a successful transition from dictatorship to democracy. Benin’s history is not a happy one, though.

Benin is the birthplace of voodoo and for 300 years was the global centre of slave trade. Millions of Africans were transported directly from West Africa to North and South America through the slave markets of Benin. But the country has picked up from those years and the past is largely forgotten. The people are very optimistic about the future and their role in the international community. Benin is today an important African nation.

Foreign tourists love Benin because of the nature and the wildlife and the friendly locals. The Afro-Brazilian villages of Ouidah,  Abomey and Porto Novo are very popular with tourists. African culture is on full display here, in all its beauty and diversity.

There is a plenty of natural beauty in Benin. The beaches on the Atlantic coast are unspoiled and idyllic. There is a spectacular wildlife reserve called the Parc National de la Pendjari, which has the reputation of being the best wildlife parks in West Africa. You will find lions, cheetahs, leopards, elephants and scores of other wildlife species here.

As a matter of fact, foreign tourists enjoy travelling in Benin more than they would in its neighbours, Nigeria and Togo, where there is still a lot of uncertainty over the political situation. The roads are quite decent and the accommodations for tourists are quite reasonable. Eco-tourism is a big thing today, so environmentally conscious tourists will have a lot to cheer about in Benin.

If you have lots of Benin land for sale, you will know that there are no controls on the purchase of land here by foreign nationals. The only investments are regulated by the government are those made in industries or businesses. 

The land tenure system in Benin is unregulated and quite complicated. There are no clear property titles here and it would be difficult to transfer your property to an overseas investor. You would be much better off selling your land to a rich local or a Benin national settled abroad.

It is very important to hire the best UK estate agents if you’re to succeed at selling your property in Benin at the earliest. They would know how to market your property and how to reach out to interested buyers.


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