How do the Irish Sell their Overseas Property

How do the Irish Sell their Overseas Property

 If you have an overseas property for sale, you will have known by now that there is a lot of information on the internet that tell people how to buy overseas property, but not many that offer tips on selling an overseas property. In this article, you will find great advice on that, including how do Irish people sell their overseas property.

It is little different than domestic estate agencies as some companies selling overseas property may only be an advertising agency and may sell your property through third party agents based in the country that the property belongs.   However by going with one of these companies you can take advantage of their connections with the best estate agents abroad. You can benefit from the fact that some of these Irish advertising portals will work with overseas agents who have an intimate knowledge of the local market and know how much your property will sell for and how long the process would take. They will have the best buyers lined up and market your property extensively at international property shows.

The important thing, when you are looking to sell property abroad, is to be proactive and not reactive.  So finding the right Irish company to sell your property abroad is the first step of a long drawn process. Let’s discuss how this works.

Set the right price – Your Irish advertising portal will talk to their agents who will know what the right price for the property is, and what’s too much. They will know what comparable properties in the area are selling for and calibrate the pricing strategy accordingly. Remember – the people you’re looking to sell the property to – rich international investors from China or Russia – will have studied a market before investing in it and will know very well what constitutes the right price for the property.

Exposure on Websites – The Irish advertising company will connect you to estate agent ensures that your property gets much needed exposure on international property portals that are frequented by rich overseas investors. He will take over your online marketing campaign and sees to it that your property gets maximum exposure and in listed in Mandarin, Russian and Arabic, besides English.


Agent Network – The best Irish companies will work with estate agents who will have an extensive agent network that is spread across dozens of countries. This allows them to zero down on the best deals and help sell your property at the earliest. You should take advantage of their agent network. 

Effective Advertising – The best Irish companies will work with your overseas property agent who will take over the advertising and marketing for your property. They are also easy to communicate with and if there are any changes to be made in your property listings, will do so immediately, following an email, phone call or live chat with you.

Description of Property – The best Irish advertising companies will help you describe the property in a highly imaginative way, which is guaranteed to attract attention. You must understand that when you’re looking to sell an overseas property, you are selling a lifestyle, not just a house – the house itself is just a commodity, it is the lifestyle that attracts buyers. Your agent will know about this and help you market your property much more effectively. He takes care of the advertising of your property so that it makes a great first impression on a prospective buyer.  

Property Shows – The best way to target serious international investors is to market your property at the best property shows in Europe, Asia and North America. Your estate agents will take care of that for you – their agent network will be present in most property shows and know how to reach out to the most likely buyers. They are very good at networking and have all the best buyers already lined up.

So these are just some of the reasons why you should hire an Irish company that as the best connections to sell your overseas property. Look around for the website companies and choose one that has a presence across Europe and a reputation for getting the job done, no matter what.

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