How do I Sell My Property in Bulgaria Online?

How do I Sell My Property in Bulgaria Online?

How to Sell my Property in Bulgaria Online

If you want to know how to sell your property in Bulgaria online then this article can help.  You may have bought this during over the last ten years when sales of overseas properties among British and Irish people went through the roof.  However, with a global recession many people who believed there would be no end to the rise in prices of property in Bulgaria were in for a shock.  Like most countries the prices all fell as building work stopped and no one wanted to buy any more. 

It is now 2016 and you may want to sell because you know that the prices will not reach the level that you bought the property for again for a number of years.  So what do you do to sell your property?  First you find a estate agent or overseas property portal in the UK to speak to.  They will gain information from you on your property to see what the chances are of selling your property.   Prices have started to come back up in Bulgaria in recent years and buyers are starting to come back.  The big market now is the Russian Market as they always holiday in Bulgaria and so they see it is as a great place to buy cheap property.

So after you contact a good company in the UK that has experience of selling and can show you testimonials of selling then the next thing to ask for is if they have sold in the area or complex that you have an apartment in.  If so then this will reassure you even more that they can sell your property in Bulgaria quickly

You may well need to pay a fee for the service to sell with them but this is important.  No one does anything free any more in this world and if they are then there is something wrong.  So if a company decides to take on your property for free then I would be sceptical about using them.  In order to create a professional advert and market takes a lot of time and effort and so you would expect to pay someone for this.  If you believe they should take this out of commission payments then you have to remember that commission is sometimes very small if it split between a number of agents involved in bringing the buyer to the table and doing work on inspections trips, etc. 

So now you have a found a UK company that has shown you they can sell with proof and you have paid them a fee the next stage is too wait.  It may take some time depending on the type of property.  Ask the company the timeframe involved and ask them if you were to drop the price would it reduce the timeframe and by how much.  Weigh all of this up and decide what to do. For Bulgaria you should expect to see some movement and interest within a few months if you have a property on sale for the right price. 

Good luck with your sale.


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