Australia – Everybody’s Favourite Overseas Property Destination

Australia – Everybody’s Favourite Overseas Property Destination

 Do you have a property for sale in Australia? Australia is everybody’s favourite overseas property destination. It is also home to millions of immigrants – British, Chinese, Indian and many other nationalities.

There are over 1.3 million Britons who live in Australia, which makes at the most popular country for British expats, even more popular than Spain. There’s a lot of desire to live a new life in Australia, which is why Australia attracts people from all over the world.

 What’s so great about Australia? For one, Australia has a great climate – it’s sunny here for much of the year, and temperatures are generally mild, as long as you don’t venture into the Australian Desert.

There are a plenty of employment opportunities in Australia. It is a very business friendly country and encourages overseas investment. It’s important to understand that the Australia of today is not the same as that of the 1960s and 1970s. Australia is a technologically advanced country and only accepts highly skilled immigrants, or serious and wealthy investors.

 There’s a lot of demand in Australia for talented professionals – doctors, physiotherapists, radiologists, engineers, software developers and teachers. The government is very aggressive when it comes to attracting foreign investment.

Australia welcomes all serious investors. In fact, Chinese are the most prominent investors in Australia, not just in Australian business, but also in the property market. The cities of Sydney and Melbourne have witnessed a spectacular rise over the last decade or so, which can only be attributed to the huge demand from wealthy Chinese for Sydney and Melbourne properties. 

 Sydney and Melbourne are world class cities, with an exciting social scene and are popular with young people from around the world. Perth and Brisbane, on the other hand, are more family-oriented.

But certainly, it is much cheaper to buy properties in areas other than Sydney and Melbourne in Australia. There’s also a fear that the property market in Sydney and Melbourne could be at the risk of a real estate bubble.

The Australian economy has cooled down a bit in 2016, which is great news for the property market here. This should give the market a bit of a breather and hopefully more realistic. As any Australian would tell you, properties in Sydney and Melbourne are at this stage far too expensive for locals. So many would appreciate a slight dip in the property market and would hope for some of the attention to shift to other cities such as Perth, Gold Coast, Hobart, Brisbane and Adelaide.

 Australia remains a terrific place to invest in a home as it has a very stable government and a prosperous economy. It is one of the richest countries in the world and has extensive property rights, even for foreign investors.

 Interestingly, although prices in Australia have risen in recent years, especially in Melbourne and Sydney, they are still cheaper than property prices in London.

 So the desire for Australian properties remains strong, which is why Australia is perhaps the world’s #1 overseas property market – which is why, it’s not a bad time to sell your property in Australia online.

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