About This Website


We are based in the UK and Ireland and are particularly skilled in helping UK and Irish buyers and sellers in the Overseas Property market.  

We have created the perfect model for sellers as we have created an extensive network of websites that attract buyers throughout the world and also a network of agents throughout the world that bring us buyers and also help deal with the inspection trips and sales process.  

We want to help sell your property.  We want to help sell every property we take on and we treat each property as an opportunity to make happy buyers and sellers. We will inform you of the expert opinion as to how realistic your property will sell and what the main aspects are to preventing it from selling whether it is price, the economy or other factors.  

During the recession and still today we gain many properties from UK and Irish sellers and also sellers from around the world. Many people in the UK are starting to buy again due to recession ending and the fact that prices are so low in many countries and the fact that the opportunity to own a holiday home is still a dream of many people.  

We are finding that the buyers in the UK and Ireland are increasingly active as time goes on but we believe that this is a cycle that will continue forever with different levels of sellers and buyers from different parts of the world and different parts of the world being popular at different times.  We have now in place a structure of agents, developers, buyers and sellers combined with an expertise that is unequalled in the UK and Ireland today.  We stand alone as the best platform and system at selling your property abroad. 

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