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Turkish Real Estate Boosted by Overseas Buyers

Turkish Real Estate Boosted by Overseas Buyers

Property priced in tourist hotspots are no on the increase because of the boost of tourism the country has seen in the first quarter of 2015. This is mainly because of overseas property buyers looking to invest in Turkey. Sales of property in Turkey are up 50% on last year with just over 6000 properties sold in all parts of Turkey.
Istanbul being the most popular area of investment sales in the city are up over 100%. Alanya, Belek, Kalkan, Kusadasi come a close second as investors rush to buy their own piece of paradise. The average price of a property in Turkey is now up 10% compared to the same quarter last year as just this month alone there has been just over 600 properties bought in Istanbul with over 500 sold in Antalya.
Overseas investors have spent over 1 billion euro in the first four months of 2015 on all types of property. If you have a property to sell in Turkey there never has been a better time to sell.
The Turkish Economy is seeing a huge influx of investment from Russia and china and the Middle East and the UK buyer has now come back on the scene as the pound is now so strong against the Euro. This is all helping push tourism and the price of property up in the country and this trend shows no sign of stopping. Visitor numbers are up 4% on the same time as last year with close to 5 million overseas travellers and investors visiting Turkey.
This tourism has generated almost 8 billion euro for the first quarter of 2015 which is an 8% increase on last year
In 2014 there was over 40 million tourists which makes it the fifth most popular travel destination in the world. In 2015 predictions show this number to be close to 50 million tourists when the summer travellers arrive and we estimate this will generate over 30 billion euro.
This not only helps push the price of property up but also gives piece of mind to any overseas investor looking to buy a property in Turkey.
Airlines are now set to increase the budget flights to Turkey which will in turn bring in even more tourists and investors and this will help the real estate sector to continue to grow over the long term.
This means there never has been a better time to invest in a property in Turkey as capital value and rentals are going up.

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