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Guide to Selling Property in Turkey

Buying real estate in countries like Turkey and Bulgaria can be a way to boost your real estate portfolio. Many investors will renovate or rent properties until they are ready to sell them. Once you are ready to sell property Turkey has its regulations and fees as any government does. An experienced real estate professional is a true asset not only for finding a buyer but understanding all the financial implications of selling Turkish property.
Not all real estate professionals are prepared to assist clients with properties in foreign countries. Working with a real estate company who is not experienced in the country where the property is located can cause the seller to be totally unprepared for the customary fees associated with real estate sales in Turkey. Worldwide Group is your team of real estate experts with contacts to eager investors looking to buy Turkish property for sale as well as properties on the international market.
In addition to the knowledge of Tapu, Habitation Certificate, stamp duty and taxes that affect the seller, the Worldwide Group already has a clientele of savvy investors who are looking to expand their real estate holdings in Turkey. In the past, the majority of investors buying property for sale in Turkey were from Europe. Now, many Russian investors consider Turkey to be the ideal location to invest in real estate.
One reason Turkey gets so much attention from foreign real estate investors is that the government of Turkey helps investors avoid paying double tax for Turkish property that is sold. In some other countries, the seller must pay tax in the country where the property is located as well as the seller's home country. This double tax can be a devastating blow to the profit from a real estate sale. Investors buying and selling property in Turkey are likely to avoid this excess taxation.  
In addition to being a great area for investments, some people in foreign countries have discovered how wonderful a vacation home in Turkey can be. The breathtaking views of the Aegean coast are just one attraction. The foreigners soon discover how easy it is to have a vacation home in Turkey. Foreigners enjoy free international transfer of capital and dividends which can limit staying in other countries for extended periods of time.
Since many international buyers prefer to look at Turkish property for sale for an investment or vacation home, now is the perfect time to sell property Turkey locations. Whether you are looking to find a sound investment overseas or have a property to sell, our professional sales staff are ready to help you navigate the global real estate market. Our friendly and knowledgeable team can help and guide you as you move towards your real estate goals.
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