Information on the Golden Visa in Italy

Information on the Golden Visa in Italy


If you’re looking to sell property in Italy to Golden Visa buyers you would be happy at the attention Italy has been receiving from rich, high net worth individuals from China, Russia and the Middle East.

Italy is one of the richest countries in Europe and offers an amazing standard of living, so a Golden Visa in Italy is of great demand among property investors from non-EU nations. Plus, the Golden Visa to Italy costs 300,000 Euros, which is easily affordable for them, as most of these individuals who are interested in settling down in Italy are extremely rich entrepreneurs, show biz personalities, or business executives.

They are also attracted by the fact that the Italian real estate market is picking and 2015 has been a much better year for investors in the country. As a real estate agent in Italy says, “If the first quarter of 2015 is as busy as the first quarter of 2014 then this will be a very positive sign indeed and I can see no reason why not. The Euro is weaker against the Pound which is a great advantage and of course encourages clients to purchase more readily.”

Most foreign investors look to buy property in Puglia, Lake Como and Tuscany because of the natural beauty of these spots and the high standard of living they offer. Tuscany, in particular, has been extremely popular with cash rich foreign investors. So it isn’t that hard to sell property in Italy to Golden Visa buyers.


Golden Visa in Italy – The Details

If you’re looking to sell property in Italy to Golden Visa buyers, it would help to know about the details of the scheme. Golden Visa in Italy is given to all Non EU foreign nationals who buy property in the country worth at least 300,000 Euros. They can invest the entire amount in buying one property or two or three properties.

There are certain conditions that apply. Those seeking the Golden Visa should not have a prior criminal record. They should be over 18 years of age and should not come from a country that is just a fiscal island. Their spouses and children qualify for residency in Italy on the basis of the Golden Visa as well.

On getting the Golden Visa, they will be granted residency permits in Italy for an initial period of 1 year, which will be renewed every year for the next 5 years. On living in Italy for 5 years, applicants can qualify for a more permanent residency.

Applying for the Golden Visa also qualifies them for a free Schengen Visa, which makes them eligible for free, unrestricted movement within EU nations that are subject to the Schengen Agreement.

The Golden Visa is granted within 7 to 10 days of applying for it after buying properties in Italy worth 300,000 Euros. It is not required to stay for a minimum duration in Italy for a year, but this is something that is highly recommended, as it would help get full residency permits in the future.

Foreign investors can buy property in Italy as individuals or as majority stakeholders in a company – either option would qualify them for a Golden Visa. If you’re looking to sell property in Italy to Golden Visa buyers, it would be highly beneficial to market your property specifically to Chinese, Middle Eastern and Russian buyers, as much of the demand for Italian property comes from them. Contact us today we can sell your property direct to these investors.




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