Information on the Golden Visa in Ireland

Information on the Golden Visa in Ireland


If you are looking to sell property in Ireland to Golden Visa buyers from non-European nations such as China, Russia, Brazil and the Middle East, there has never been a better time.  The interest in the Irish property market is high as the national economy has been picking up after a prolonged recession.

Chinese and Hong Kong nationals are among the top investors in Irish property, attracted by Ireland’s closeness to the United Kingdom. Many have their children studying in Europe and so would like a foothold in the continent.

Ireland has the reputation of being one of the most dynamic economies in Europe. While Ireland crashes faster than other countries in the event of an economic crisis, it also bounces out of a crisis a lot faster, because of how nimble the Irish economy is.

Ireland does not have the high unemployment one associates with the other countries offering the Golden Visa in Europe such as Spain, Portugal and Greece. Ireland is called the “Celtic Tiger” for very good reason. And it has been projected by real estate experts that residential prices in the country will rise substantially over 2015 and beyond, especially in Dublin, the capital of Ireland.

As one Irish real estate agent said, “Expect continued increase in capital values and rentals for properties within easy commuting distance of the business CBD, IFC and likes of Googletown,” referring to the top localities in Dublin.

The golden visas may be compared to gold credit cards, given only to people who have a great deal of money. That’s why it would be highly profitable to sell property in Ireland to Golden Visa buyers.


Golden Visa in Ireland – The Details

If you’re looking to sell property in Ireland to Golden Visa buyers, it would help to know a bit about how the scheme actually works. Participants in the Golden Visa program can buy residency permit in Ireland by spending 1 million Euros in the country, with a minimum of 500,000 Euros from this amount invested in Irish real estate, and the remaining 500,000 Euros invested in Irish financial securities.

This investment would get the applicant’s whole family residence permits in Ireland for 5 years, which can be renewed for every 5 years. The conditions are that the applicant for the Golden Visa should visit Ireland at least once in 12 months and should not have any criminal record of any sort. He or she can make the investment as an individual or as a majority stakeholder in a company.

The one thing to be kept in mind is that Ireland is not subject to the Schengen Visa treaty, so a Golden Visa in Ireland does not allow for a free, unrestricted travel through the other countries of the European Union. This is a major drawback of applying for the Golden Visa in Ireland.

One may buy two or three properties in Ireland while applying for the Golden Visa. If you are looking to sell property in Ireland to Golden Visa buyers, it helps to market your property in Chinese, Russian, Brazilian and Middle Eastern property sites, social media groups, online forums and so on. We are experts in helping clients sell property in Ireland. Contact us today to sell your Irish Property


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