Information on The Golden Visa in France

Information on The Golden Visa in France



If you are looking to sell property in France to Golden Visa buyers, you would be pleased to know the amount of interest received by the country from extremely wealthy individuals from Russia, China and the Middle East. In fact, the interest from these countries in French properties is a lot higher than that shown from citizens of other European countries.

France does not offer a Golden Visa such as those offered by Spain or Portugal, but has a more comprehensive Entrepreneur Visa, which requires a significant investment of capital and resources as well as commitment into the country.

France is very popular as a destination for property investors from Russia and former Soviet provinces such as Ukraine and Belarus. Most people who take advantage of the Entrepreneur Visa are wealthy businessmen from these countries, who can easily afford the minimum investment of 10 million Euros that is required. Mainly, they buy properties in Côte d’Azur, Paris and chic Alpine resorts.

Lately, there has been a significant demand from buyers from China and Hong Kong. Chinese property buyers are very interested in luxury real estate in the Loire Valley as well as in posh Paris apartments that overlook famous sights such as the Eiffel Tower.

Many international buyers are put off by the high property prices in London and hence are looking at comparable properties in France that cost a lot less.

Susie Hollands, head of Vingt Paris, a premier real estate agency says the price rise in France is due to an influx of overseas buyers. “Many wealthy people have left France. That has stimulated a flood of interest because there are heritage properties coming on to the market which have never been sold before. I also think that Paris is the type of place which never goes out of fashion. Paris is undervalued compared to prime central London and I am starting to have investors say they are priced out of London.”


Golden Visa in France – The Details

If you’re looking to sell property in France to Golden Visa buyers, you should know how the scheme really works. France does not offer a Golden Visa as such for passive investment in property or financial instruments by non-EU foreign nationals.

It offers something different – the Entrepreneur Visa – which is similar to the visas offered as incentives to foreign investors by other European countries such as the United Kingdom, Germany and Belgium.

The Entrepreneur Visa offered by France is quite different in concept from the Golden Visa offered by countries such as Portugal, Spain and Greece, as it requires more of an involvement from the visa applicant, if it has to lead to a permanent residency or citizenship.

France offers a residence permit that lasts for 10 years to those applicants who make investments in the country of at least 10 million Euros.

France also offers a residency permit to extremely wealthy non-residents in the country who made an extraordinary economic contribution. The residency permit is also offered to businessmen, who own at least 30% of a company that makes investments of at least 10 million Euros France and generates or saves at least 50 jobs.

If you are looking to sell property in France to Golden Visa buyers, the information given here will be useful to you. Contact us today to sell a property in France.


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