Guide to Selling Property in Thailand

Guide to Selling Property in Thailand


Thai property is in high demand by rich business executives from China. Because of the extraordinary growth in the Chinese economy, there is a whole new generation of very successful people in China with high disposable incomes. That is why we find Chinese property investors in the international property market to be the most aggressive among all. Rich property investors from Russia are not close behind either.

Thailand enjoys a great deal of attention from Chinese investors, more so than any other country, because of its close proximity to China. Also, Thailand is a part of the ASEAN trade pact, which means that by buying property here, Chinese investors can access the much wider Asian market.

Chinese investors also love the beautiful natural scenery in Thailand, especially in the Phuket region. This makes a Thai property a prestigious second home or holiday home for them.

Thailand is, of course, the #1 tourist destination in Asia by far. Thailand received 22 million tourists in 2012, and 24.5 million in 2013.  Foreign tourists love Thailand so much that many wish to extend their stay in the country on a more permanent basis, by buying property here.

Phuket is the hottest city in Thailand for foreign buyers. Why does a Phuket property fetch such a high value in the international property market? Roy Hanif, who is a real estate developer in Thailand, has this to say: “Tourists quickly convert to property investors as they fall in love with the year round 30 degree sunshine and legendary scenery. Also living costs are a third of those in Europe and HSBC ranks Thailand number two in its Expat Explorer Survey, especially praising its quality of life.”

“There is a new wave of demand from overseas and from Phuket’s local middle class population for luxurious, spacious condo resorts with establishments such as the Banyan Tree booking out way in advance, so we’re building Silver Beach in Phuket to go some way to satisfying this,” he adds.

In fact, the appreciation in property prices in Thailand extends beyind Phuket. Other cities such as Patty, Koh Samui and Chang Mai are also quite impressive as well.  Condos in Thailand have increased on average in value by almost 10% over the last few years.

As Mr. Hanif explains, “The investment potential is massive. Clients can realize that 10% anticipated return if they buy off plan and sell on completion or take advantage of rental income of between 8% and 12% net per annum thanks to a 250 day high season.”

So, clearly, if you’re looking to sell property in Thailand, you couldn’t have picked a more opportune moment.

How to Sell Property in Thailand?

Selling property in Thailand is a matter of presentation, location, price and real estate agent. How well you present your home in Thailand is very important, as you seek to market it on online property portals. You should be very descriptive about your house as international property buyers would be interested in knowing all the details, including if there are any international schools nearby.

What are the unique selling points of the house, what makes it so special? This is something you should emphasize. The location is very important and you can hope to get the best price if your home is situated in Phuket. But even so, you should be smart about the pricing.

It’s better to get the help of a real estate professional to set the right price for your property, which shouldn’t be so high that it puts off the discerning international buyer, who is a sophisticated investor and knows all the tricks of the trade.

Hiring the right real estate agent is also important. He should be one who has extensive dealings with cash rich international property investors from countries such as Russia and China. This way you are guaranteed to get a great price for your property.

If you need great advice on how to sell property in Thailand quickly and safely to super rich overseas property investors, do contact us at immediately. We have sold hundreds of properties in Thailand over the last 8 years. Use the sell overseas property contact form.


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