Guide to Selling Property in Mauritius

Guide to Selling Property in Mauritius


Property prices in the country are today very close their peak, aided by the tremendous interest Mauritius has received by high net worth property investors from countries such as China, Russia and India. This represents a slight change in the Mauritian property market, as the investors in the past were overwhelmingly rich individuals from Europe or South Africa.

No doubt foreign investors are attracted by the fact that Mauritius is considered to be one of the best holiday destinations in the world, attracting 1 million tourists each year. The Mauritian beaches are simply outstanding. Many tourists decide to extend their love for Mauritius into buying property here.

Foreign investors are also encouraged by the excellent tax breaks given by the Mauritian government, especially to those working in the tech industry. Mauritian properties fetch a high rental value because of the large number of tourists who visit here year after year. Holiday rentals are very fashionable in Mauritius as tourists seek affordable alternatives to the expensive accommodations found in resorts and five star hotels.

These are the factors taken into consideration by suave foreign investors looking to make a neat profit on a Mauritian residence. It would really help you get a top price for your Mauritian residence if it is located at a short distance from the sea, as beachfront houses and apartments in Mauritius are much valued in the international property market.

In fact, they command an average price of $517,000, which is very reasonable, indeed. City apartments fetch a great price as well.

Also, the Mauritian property market has been growing at a rate of 8% per annum for the last five years, so this represents a great opportunity for you to sell property in Mauritius at a high, when you can.

How to Sell Property in Mauritius?

It is impossible to sell a property in Mauritius without professional help. This is because a Mauritius property is generally bought by sophisticated foreign investors from Russia and China, who rely on the expertise of an international real estate agent for their purchases.

Once you have selected a reputed real estate agent for your property, you should take care of its presentation. You may want to hire a building contractor to renovate your house, without it costing too much. The return on investment on a last minute renovation is usually very high, as long as it is effective and creates a great first impression on a prospective buyer.

For instance, if your home in Mauritius is located in areas such as Curepipe or Quatre Bornes that have a high humidity, you may want to use an extra coat of paint to get rid of the mold. Also, take care of the interiors because foreign investors are very keen about the how a house looks from the inside. 

The next step is to set a price. You are lucky that in Mauritius the real estate prices jump every year, so you can afford to set the price a little higher than the average that comparable properties in the area are selling for. But before you do that, do get your property evaluated by a real estate professional.

The other thing to do is to organize an open day for selling your house, during which you invited group of buyers to visit at the same time. This creates the impression that there is a great demand for your house, which will enhance its value enormously.

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