Guide to Selling Property in Malta

Guide to Selling Property in Malta


If you are looking to sell property in Malta, then there has never been a better time as overseas property investors from across the world, especially rich business executives from Russia and China, are very much interested in buying a vacation home or a second home here.

The Maltese property market has solid investment fundamentals. Investors are attracted by the new property developments here, and also because of all the glamour associated with Malta. Malta is after all a place with great scenic beauty, which is why so many Hollywood movies are made here. In fact, the biggest celebrity couple in the world, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie had their honeymoon here following their marriage.

Malta is beautifully located, and is accessible to Europe, Middle East and North Africa, which is why it is so popular with foreign investors. It also has a world class infrastructure and high quality modern amenities. There are many British expats in Malta, enjoying their retirement.

Malta has also developed as a business and financial hub, as several internet casinos are located here. Some of the world’s best plastic surgeons work here, and so do many software billionaires. All of them are attracted by the excellent tax breaks given by the government here to high net worth foreigners residing here.

There is hence a great demand for Maltese property among sophisticated high net worth foreign investors, which has kept the property rates here quite buoyant. So, if you’re looking to sell property in Malta, you will be sure to get a good price for it.


How to Sell Property in Malta?

The first step involved in selling property in Malta is to hire a reputable local real estate agent. Your agent should have contacts in foreign countries such as Russia and China because of the vast influx of property investors from these countries.

The other thing to do is to work on your own online marketing, and not to rely completely on the real estate agent. You should hire a professional photographer to take high quality pictures of your home in Malta and display them on popular property portals, blogs and on social media.

That’s not it – you should sell the idea of living in Malta, why living in Malta is such a wonderful lifestyle statement to make. Selling property in a foreign country like Malta is very different from doing so in UK for this reason.

 People don’t stay in Malta to earn a livelihood or to get a job, they go there as an escape from the busy life back home. So, as a seller, you should make the idea of buying a second home in Malta sound alluring to prospective buyers around the world.

Next, set a decent price for the property. Don’t overprice it, in the hope of getting a great deal, because buyers are very smart these days – you cannot fool them. Be realistic with your pricing, set something that is 5% higher than what other comparable properties in Malta are selling for.

De-clutter your house, renovate it as long as it is in your budget to do so, and try to create a great first impression when a prospective buyer visits your property.

If you need great advice on how to sell property in Malta quickly and safely to high net worth overseas property investors from countries such as China and Russia, do contact us at immediately. We have sold hundreds of properties in Malta over the last 8 years. Please use the sell overseas property contact form.


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