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Guide to Selling Property in Cyprus

Guide to Selling Property in Cyprus

Are you looking to sell property in Cyprus? Then rest assured that you are in the right place, as here we will show you exactly what steps you need to follow in order to get the best price for your property and sell it as fast as possible!


Preparation and time to sell
Before you start selling, you need to know that there are multiple methods you can use to sell property in Cyprus, and this includes privately, through an auction or with the help of a real estate agent. The latter is by far one of the most popular methods because it allows you to negotiate the sales, attract more buyers and get the best value for the house.
Just like in any regions of the world, Cyprus also has busy viewing/buying times and that is exactly when you need to list your Cyprus property for sale. The beginning of the year is one of the busiest viewing times in the whole year and between March-August you are bound to sell as this is when most sales get closed.
As you might already know, presentation and first impression is everything in real estate, so you need to make sure that you present your home in a natural way and showcase its values to the potential customer. Start preparing your house for presentation by cleaning the exterior first and then freshen up the inside by cleaning the floor, removing the junk and improving the décor a little bit. Make sure that everything is in order with the house facilities and that all problems are dealt with because you do want a stellar first impression to sell property in Cyprus.
When you have a Cyprus property for sale, you need to make sure that it looks at its best when the evaluation agent comes, as this is the best way to receive a good quotation. There are a few things and extra costs that you need to pay as a seller, which includes furnishing, any necessary repairs, furnishing, agent fess, advertising or anything related. When you ask for a certain price, make sure to see the price of similar houses that already sold recently in that area, the condition of the property and the housing supply. If you have a Cyprus property for sale then you need to perform a lot of marketing, either on your own or with the help of the real estate agent. Listing the property on a site is a very good idea, and it will help you get the much-needed exposure! Bring some great photos, create some floor plans and share them with the persons interested in your property, as this helps.
Do you sell property in Cyprus? Then you should leave a little room for negotiation. Try to see if you are driven by need or desire during the negotiation process, and negotiate accordingly. Sometimes you do need to get as much as possible because that money are a necessity, while other times you just want to get the most because with the extra money you can get a well-deserved vacation. No matter the reason though, you should try to be a fair negotiator and try to give a good price to the buyer, while also getting the most you can for the property, as in this situation everyone wins.
Accepting the offer
Once you get an offer for the Cyprus property for sale, you or the buyer can start doing the legal work. In Cyprus, most of the time you want to work with a conveyancer, as this is the person most qualified to help you go through this process fast and with the best results. The conveyancer will create a draft contract that includes information related to you and the house, the items in it, the boundaries of the property, what utilities does the house provide and here you can also see if the owner is up to date with the utility bills. Once the draft contract is completed and you already sent the mortgage offer to the buyer, the conveyancer will create the final copy of the contract and send it to both parties for signing.
Completing the process
You will need to receive the payment from the buyer once the contract is in place, a process that is carefully monitored by the conveyancer. This is how the process concludes, and once this is done, you successfully managed to sell property in Cyprus.
It’s a process that will last for quite some time, but if you follow the instructions carefully you are bound to get the most out of your experience and find the buyer that your Cyprus property for sale needs! If you want to sell your Cyprus property easier, contact us right away as www.worldwidegroup.eu and we will sell this for you in the fastest and most convenient way possible!

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