Golden Visa in Greece Information

Golden Visa in Greece Information


If you are looking to sell overseas property fast in Greece to Golden Visa buyers, then you would be pleased that Greece is finally becoming competitive yet again, when it comes to attracting property investors from countries such as China, Russia and the Middle East.

While the golden visa programs of nations such as Spain and Portugal are more famous, Greece has a plenty to offer as well. But unfortunately, Greece suffers from a lack of effective marketing, says Pantazis Therianos, who is a managing partner at Euroterra Capital. He says, "The authorities only said investors can get the residency visas in an easy way, but they did not emphasize the citizenship."

He adds, "The market has hit rock bottom and is picking up now. Many investors are bankers or financial professionals. They have spotted the potential in Greece much sooner than many others, reflecting their confidence in the country. This brings jobs for the longer term”

It is possible to get a residency permit in Greece by getting the Golden Visa on purchasing properties worth 250,000 Euros in the country. One may purchase two or three properties as well.

Residency permits are also given on transferring a minimum of 60,000 Euros into a Greek bank. It has been estimated that around 15,000 Russians live in Greece as of today, as the country gets more and more attention from non-EU nationals.

Greece has great attractions to offer to foreign nationals because of its stunning natural landscape, perfect weather, rich culture and friendly people. Greece offers 300 days of sunshine every year – and is one of the best tourist destinations in the world, attracting 18 million visitors each year. The economic crisis in Greece seems to be under control with the election of a new government, and the Greek democracy seems as strong as ever.


Golden Visa in Greece – The Details

If you’re looking to sell property in Greece to Golden Visa buyers, it would help a great deal to know how this scheme works. Greece grants residency permits for 5 years to property investors from abroad who invest a minimum of 250,000 Euros in the country.

The residency permits can be renewed every 5 years and a free Schengen Visa is given as well, which allows the foreign investors unrestricted travel across the EU nations that have signed the Schengen agreement.

There is no rule that states that the applicant for the visa has to stay for a minimum period in Greece. However to qualify for Greek citizenship, the applicants should stay in Greece for 7 years at least.

It is important that they should have a clean record and have no criminal history or background. They should be at least over 18 years old.

They can make their investment in Greece through a foreign company as long as they hold a majority stake in that company, and can invest in two or three properties in Greece to qualify for the Golden Visa.

The immediate family of the applicants are allowed to settle down in Greece and given residency permits as well – except adult children who are over the age of 21. Only the spouses and children under 21 years of age, of the applicants for the Golden Visa are given residency permits in Greece.

A Golden Visa in Greece makes terrific sense to high net worth individuals from China and Russia who are interested in a Mediterranean getaway and a foothold in Europe.

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