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Buy Cheap Property in Bulgaria Fast Online: Best Guide

How do I buy property in Bulgaria? 

Worldwide Group can help you buy property in Bulgaria.  If you want to buy quickly online then we can guide you through the steps and provide you with expert advice.  We are a leading UK estate agent for helping people buy their ideal real estate in Bulgaria.  To the right you will see a contact form that you should fill out and further down the page you will see how to buy property in Bulgaria fast in 2016 in 3 easy steps.  


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Step 1: Fill in the Contact Form

So please tell us what property that you would like to buy by filling in the form.  This will allow us to understand what it is that you are looking for and give you advice on how to buy property in Bulgaria.  For example, maybe you are looking to buy property in Bulgaria and get residency or maybe you just want to buy by the sea.    


You can set your budget and also tell us the type of property that you would like.  We have a range of properties for sale in Bulgaria.  You may want to buy a house in Sofia or an apartment in Bansko, a plot of land in Varna or a villa in Sozopol.  Your budget may be large or small and we can find you cheap properties in Bulgaria if you want.  We are amazed by some of the bargain properties that come on our website every day and these are the best deals you will find.  You can tell us if you are ready for an inspection trip as well.  We highly recommend that you tick this box as you probably need to view a selection of properties before you buy. 


Step 2: Arrange an Inspection Trip

Once you have agreed on a shortlist of properties then you can notify us and we will arrange an inspection trip with you.  We recommend you gather the properties that meet your type and then be ready to fly out to Bulgaria within a few months.  The properties will not last long on our system as other keen buyers from around the world will snap them up.  We will help you organise your inspection trip and we will organise with you the days and times when you are going to visit the properties.

Alternatively some buyers may not want to take an inspection trip and may want to buy online.  This happens often for off plan developments or if a property is going to sell quickly and the buyer is required to close the deal quickly as well.  Most of the time however, the buyer will travel to see the property.  


Step 3: Complete the Purchase

If you find a property that you like after viewing it online or after an inspection trip then you can bid on it.  We can help you with this process and negotiate on your behalf.  If you are happy with an agreed price then the next stage is to complete the legal end of things.  We can recommend to you a solicitor that we use or you can use one that you have sourced.  We can also recommend a currency provider that will generate the best exchange rates for you if required.  So thats it.  To get started simply fill in the form.   


Property of the Month

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       Buy-Property-in-Bulgaria-Green-Ticks   This apartment was bought for €80000 a few years ago and the seller is now looking a quick sale. 


      Buy-Property-in-Bulgaria-Green-Ticks    Sunset Resort has its own private walkway to the beach, is 15 minutes from Burgas Airport and 30 minutes from Sunny beach.  




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